Thursday, October 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - 10/19/09 - A Little Late!

The cabin weekend was great!!! The weather was a little cold but warmed up nicely the day we left! LOL!

The leaves were changing and falling. It was beautiful! The best things was spending time with our very good friends and their children.

We took pantry staples like spices and such, but bought everything perishable when we got there. The shopping trip was fun and we had a list so we only over bought on just a couple of splurge items. We were blessed and ate very well for the weekend!

We returned late on Monday and it's taken me a couple of days to catch up. Here's this weeks Menu Plan Monday on a Thursday! LOL!!!

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What's up for the week of 10/19/09

Monday: Just got home. Oatmeal and cereal night.

Tuesday: Grilled cheese and Tomato soup

Wednesday: Pepper steak, crab rangoon, rice and egg drop soup.

Thursday: From the Freezer: Beef n Noodles with mashed potatoes

Friday: From the Freezer: Mom's stew. This is the last stew Mom made last winter. Bittersweet to eat it because it is the last she made for me before she passed away.

Saturday: Sandwiches then a Halloween Party!

Sunday: Pumkin carving party! Chili with all the fixins and frend onion soup.

HOW WE DID LAST WEEK of 10/12/09:

Monday: Baked Chicken Chimichangas (Taste of Home Cookbook Pg 174)-(Recycled from last week). Yep. Good!

Tuesday: Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Rolls. Chicken Fried Rice, Egg drop soup.

Wednesday: Yakatori Chicken with rice and Egg Drop Soup (Recycled from last week). Can't remember, but it wasn't this.

Thursday: Flat iron Steak Fajitas w/ Mexican rice (Recycled from last week). Can't remember, but it wasn't this.

Friday: Chili (At the Cabin) Yep. Good!

Saturday: Fish Fry - Hopefully! (At the Cabin) No fish. Grilled Chicken.

Sunday: Grilled burgers and dogs. Yep. Good!

The weeks are getting busier and the nights are getting colder. I am fighting the urge to turn on the furnace. Trying to hold off a little longer!!!

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