Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - 11/16/09

Isn't that a pretty icon for Thanksgiving?!

We just finished up a very busy birthday week and this week will prove to be just as busy as we get started preparing for next week's Thanksgiving Holiday. WE plan to have it at our house with close family and lots of food. It will be my first without my Mom here. That will be hard, but I know she is peeking in on me and helping me! We are going to have baked beans in her honor. She always wanted baked beand on Thanksgiving. (Even though I thought that was weird!)

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What's up for the week of 11/16/09

Leftover Buffet

Tuesday:: NEW!
Potato Soup (Recycled from last week) DH is having surgery on his teeth so we need to have soft foods for a while ...

Chicken Noodles and mashed potatoes


Chicken Enchiladas

Eat Out

Spaghetti and Meatballs

HOW WE DID LAST WEEK of 11/9/09:

Monday: NEW!
Baked Terikyaki Chicken (I may try this in the crock pot) - ATE ON WEDNESDAY - Tasted good but crockpot texture was icky. May save to try in the oven ... maybe not ... Monday we ate out.

Roast in the crockpot w/ potatoes, carrots, rolls (Recycled from last week) -
DH brought home pizza. OK! Not gonna argue with that! ;-)

Out to eat, Birthday Girl's choice! -
She chose Outback Steakhouse! YUM!

Potato Soup (Recycled from last week) -
See Monday above ...

Pepper Steak - Friends Birthday Party
- Made it, took it, got lots of recipe requests and compliments!

Pizza Party for Birthday sleepover -
Pizza, pizza, pizza!

KC Strip, Velveeta Mac n cheese, fried potatoes, veggie
(Recycled from last week) Forgot that we were having people over when I made the menu. We actually planned to have a cheesburger/hot dog cookout this day. We did and it was good!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. My family is a huge fan of Potato Cheese Soup! Every one of us has seconds of that stuff. Enjoy!!