Saturday, January 30, 2010

All right, ladies and gentlemen, many of you know I have a lifelong quest to be organized and know where everything is ... in some rooms I am doing pretty good. In a few rooms I am NOT! There is a challenge on one of my favorite blogs ... ... Coming up for the month of February that has me very excited to focus on just one room ... My Office/Scrap/Craft room. It is a horrible mess and the photos I just took make it look even worse! (Too embarassed to post them just yet!) It looks almost like a room shot from an episode of "Hoarders". It's bad, really bad. There is a little cluttered path to my computer and that is it. I really must get this room under control. FAST! So, wish me luck. I will be posting "before" pics as soon as I get the guts to show my mess. Then "after" pics very soon. Wish me luck!

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