Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 9/7/09 - 5th Week! A habit for sure!

So, I am still diggin' on the Menu Planning. Not quite sure why it's working, but I am soooooo glad it is! :-)

I also have a new goal, I'd like to share with you ... If your family is like ours, you have about 10 standby meals that you know everyone will eat and you just make the heck out of them til everyone is just SICK of eating the same old thing all the time! Well, to help combat dinner boredom, I committed to making at least ONE NEW MEAL each week from my many cook books or the unlimited resources on the internet. Of course I know what they may eat and not eat so I use that as a guide. But I'm also not afraid to push the limit of their picky little tastebuds either! LOL!!! So, here's to my new cooking adventures! I will let you know the source of my family's new eating adventures! ;-)

Check on orgjunkie.com to see more Menu Plan Monday followers.

(See below for what last week was and what we actually did for supper). We went camping over the holiday weekend, so stuff switched around a little. Because of the holiday, I am posting on Tuesday.

Monday: Labor Day - Back home from Camping @ the lake late - Eat at the Marina

Tuesday: Grilled hamburgers and french fries. Need to use lefteover thawed hamburger patties from the lake. I also will pre-cook some of it to make nachos later this week out of the extra pound of patties I thawed so they won't go to waste.

Wednesday: Cracker Crust Chicken with red potatoes in gravy and peas - I just use crushed saltines (with some seasoned salt) to coat chicken cubes that have been dipped in egg and then fry them. (This is the third week of this being on the menu. If we don't cook it this week, I'm taking it off the menu for a while!)

Thursday: Home made pizza. Still have alot of good peppers from the garden. Plus, I bought pepperoni on sale for camping (to make pizza pockets over the campfire. SEE NOTE BELOW). We didn't end up using it so, Home made pizza sounds good!

Friday: Baked nachos using fresh salsa I'm gonna make this week and the ground beef I cooked on Tuesday night.

Saturday: NEW RECIPE - Stuffed Chicken Rolls with Gravy from Miss Vickie's pressure cooker cookbook. Page 236. Gonna give this one a try!

Sunday: Pepper Steak - Once of our faves this summer because it's easy and our garden is still crankin out the peppers!

HOW WE DID LAST WEEK of 8/17/09:
Monday: NEW RECIPE REPORT- Baked Chicken Chimichangas - Taste of Home Cookbook. Page 174 - Ok, this was something totally new ... And it ROCKED!!! This recipe is worth the price of the entire cookbook. Seriously! Can't believe the chimichangas got crunchy just from being in the oven. This is on my list of stuff to make again.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with italian meatballs and french bread - Made it. Ate it. Family was happy. We hadn't had this for a while because all were burned out on it before. Made the meatballs with a little garlic powder. Carl liked them. (He's usually anti-garlic)

Wednesday: Flank Steak Fajitas - Made them, ate them. Used fresh salsa. Yummo!

Thursday: Cracker Crust Chicken with red potatoes in gravy and peas - What is up with this chicken? Each night I plan to cook it, we are busy out shopping ... Used an email coupon for Carlos o' Kellys and saved a little $$ since we ate out.

Friday: Camping - Eat out on the way there - Pizza Hut according to plan. Called in the order so it was ready when we got there. Wanted to get back on the road FAST! LOL

Saturday: Camp out - Burgers and Dogs grilled - Campfire corn on the cob, chips Dip -Wellllll ... Here's where we get creative! I love camp cooking. It's always a challenge. You have to plan every single meal. There isn't any running to the pantry for cereal and milk ... Unless you PLAN it like that! LOL! So, I ended up with a grat deal on frozen sirloin steak kabobs and tons of fresh veggies from the garden so we took metal skewers camping and grilled marinated steak kabobs. I also took a bunch of corn on the cob (also on sale!) and pulled back the husks, cleaned out the silk, buttered, salted and pulled the husks back up and covered them in foil and then grilled the corn over the campfire. You have to remember to turn them frequently so they don't burn, but they are soooooooo good!

Sunday - Camp out - Burgers and Dogs grilled - Campfire corn on the cob, chips Dip - This we did except we ate the corn a night early. On this night, we did the baked potatoes the same as the corn. (Baked potatoes take longer though! Start them early).

Monday (Labor Day): Back Home Something easy. We stayed at the lake really late so we just took the boat to the Marina and ate supper there. It was REALLY GOOD and not as expensive as I would have thought. Now, the marina grill is closed until next Memorial day, but it was really cool!

NEW IDEA!!! Camp cooking is so fun. I also want to reccommend these little camnpfire irons you can put bread (or anything) into and close them up and grill them over the campfire. Talk about YUM!!! We took sweet stuff to make apple pies (fresh apples, cinnamon and sugar) but we just didn't get to it. We did have grilled ham and cheese one day for lunch and the next morning, grilled bacon egg and cheese sandwiches. They are very cool!

What a fun week made much less hectic by our menu planning! YAY!

Have a great week everyone!

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